Visual Designer
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4track tea

4track tea is a tea company with a mission to make the tea selection and brewing process more fun and simple.

4track tea had over a year of sales data and customer feedback for a brand and packaging relaunch. I led and managed the project, managing the package and label redesign, product photography and all supporting marketing materials.

The original packaging wasn't reading as tea to new and exisitng customers, so the simple paper tube allow for a simple, clean aesthetic that encourages customer engagement. 

Tea is devided in two categories, blends and single origins. The warm color scheme for blends and cool colors for single origins and corresponding illustrations visually help customers in their tea selection process and differentiate teas that are unique blends of 4track tea from sourced single origins.

I created icons for water temperature, time, and cups per package to quickly communicate individual tea information. The play/pause/stop icons are a nod to the musical inspiration behind the brand.

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4track Tubes.jpg
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